Helping organisations succeed in realising their goals and potential by providing strategic guidance based on clear insights.


We are experienced advisors with a background in public utilities, energy and infrastructure.

We are specialists in commercial and organisational development.

NEXUS means link and connection. We want to be the link

  • Between organisations and their surroundings
  • Between people in and outside organisations
  • Between business and sustainability
  • Between strategy and implementation.

Briefly , our ambition is to be the link between your goals and actions – allowing you to achieve results and realise your potential.

Our focus

Our focus is on generating insight and establishing a decision-making foundation for line management, top management and the board.

Insight and analysis support management’s determination and courage when ambitious goals are set.

Execution and the subsequent realisation of targets must be considered from the outset. As such, we ensure the proper mobilisation of resources within the organisation – allowing its potential to be realised.

We cooperate with companies that act on purely private and commercial terms, as well as companies and organisations that act within regulated areas and are partially or fully publicly owned.

Our approach

We always work together.

Together as colleagues on assignments because the more eyes the better.

Together with our clients because long-lasting results are strengthened by both our overall knowledge and that of the client and call for changes being adopted throughout the organisation.

Together because it is in our DNA to create connections and to be the link across departments, functions, and management levels, between the board and the organisation and between the organisation and its surroundings.

We always consider sustainability because it is the core principle of long-term value creation.

Søren Bach

Søren Bach

Since 2008, Søren has worked with business analyses, market intelligence, strategy, business development and corporate governance in specialist positions and as a consultant.

Recently, he has primarily carried out assignments involving analyses, strategy and business development in the Danish utility industry. He has also been active in the development of two sets of recommendations concerning corporate governance as well as the development of corporate governance reports for utilities.

Further, Søren has great insight and experience in the wind energy industry, where he has carried out assignments in market analysis, business development and bid management.

Additionally, he has experience and insights in the housing sector, where he has also served as board member and chairman of the board.

Søren has previously been employed by Vestas and has since worked for four years as an independent consultant and for three years as a consultant at Pluss Leadership.

Thomas Lyhne

Thomas Lyhne

Since 2003, Thomas has worked with business and organisational development, strategy, analyses and implementation both as a consultant and leader.

Over the past few years, he has completed projects focused on strategy and commercial development for a wide range of organisations.

Thomas has deep insight into corporate governance-related challenges and has been project leader in the development of recommendations for good governance in municipally owned utilities as well as consumer owned water and district heating companies in Denmark. He has been involved in board education, evaluations and workshops for multiple boards in the utility sector and SMBs.

In relation to sustainability, Thomas has advised multiple utilities, infrastructure companies and interest organisations on strategy development – all with a strong focus on sustainability.

He has previously been employed by Pluss Leadership, Vestas, Epinion and NIRAS Consultants.